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Vaisakhi – Karahow Prasad

On this day of Vaisakhi, Karahow Prasad is my first blog on Simply Sindhi Recipes.com

Karahow Prasad – Atte Jo Serro (Traditional Sindhi Name)


Atte ka Halwa


Level: Easy
Cooking Time 20 mins.
Karahow Prasad

Karahow Prasad




This is a soft golden brown oil based Prasad made out of wheat flour, sugar and ghee that is offered to every visitor at the tikana (Guru’s darbar).Karahow Prasad is a sacred treat that must be prepared according to rituals like cleaning up the cooking area and cooking utensils. It is usually made while reciting the sacred scripture (we will just keep the name of our lord in our mind, and am sure it will be as delicious as it always is) and is covered with a white cloth after preparation. It is kept near the Guru Sahib and is served after the Guru Patth.It is served to everybody after you have said the sacred name satnam sahi. This Prasad is also prepared at home for satyanarayan fast, birthdays and other religious/special occasions. Karahow Prasad is not only made by the Sindhis, but also by Sikhs and Punjabis. The aroma of this tasty Prasad is just too…



  • 1 cup whole wheat atta
  • 1cup ghee/ unsalted butter
  • 1cup sugar
  • Few cardamoms
  • 3.5 cups of water
  • Assorted nuts for garnishing




  • Take a large kadai add butter/ghee .Let it melt.
  • Add the atta and cardamoms, Roast this mixture on low heat till it is nicely brown.
  • After it is browned very well and you get an aroma. Add water and sugar to this mixture.
  • Let it cook for few mins on slow till the mixture leaves the sides and the ghee starts to separate out.
  • Put it into a serving dish and garnish with your favorite nuts.
  • Serve to all your friends and family.


Keep it simple, keep it Sindhi.