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Chakli/Chakri/Murukku – A Favorite Diwali Snack


Chakli, a favorite snack from Maharashtra and Southern India is enjoyed by everyone across India. Each and everybody has their own method of preparing this crunchy snack and the end result is a delicious product. I remember the days when I was in India and we would prepare chaklis every Diwali. Being surrounded by neighbors that were Maharashtrians and South Indians, we tried a different recipe every time expecting to have the best chaklis to eat and distribute. So each year we used a borrowed recipe and made this snack. Sometimes they turned out good and other times they were crispy on the outside and kind of soggy on the inside.

I have been in the United States for a very long time and I had a hard time finding good Chaklis here in Ohio. The craving was so much that I had to work on a recipe that would be easy for me. It took me quite some time to make up this recipe. Each year I added and omitted ingredients to make changes. I finally came up with a recipe for Chakli that was easy and the ingredients were readily available. All the ingredients that I have used in this recipe are regular kitchen pantry ingredients.

I make this snack for my son every year. Chaklis are his favorite snack and he says they are Chakris. The word Chakri actually comes from the word chakra (a Sanskrit word) which means a circle that turns around (like a wheel). My son is such a picky eater and it is hard for me to think of something for his evening snack and often I ask him should I make some Chakris. His reply is Chakris should be made only during Diwali time that’s when they taste like Chakris. 

Even though it is not a Sindhi recipe it is a favorite snack of my family. Often when I take this snack for a Diwali party, I notice people eating the crumbs too. Diwali is being celebrated this week and so here is a my version, recipe of Chakli, a snack that  not only my son likes very much but pretty much loved by others too…



·         2½ cups Rice Flour

·         1 ½ cups Besan (Gram Flour)

·         1 stick unsalted butter

·         ½ Tsp Red Chili Powder

·         ½ Tsp Jeera(Cumin Seeds)

·         1Heaped Tbsp White Til (Sesame Seeds)

·         2 cups Boiling Water

·         Oil for frying

·         Chakli Press/Maker

·         Salt to Taste


Note: 1) If unsalted butter is not available please use salt accordingly.

2) If you are going to use Indian butter then use quarter of the 500gm package and go easy on the salt.




·         Mix rice flour and besan. Sift and keep aside.

·         In a pan heat 2½ cups of water. Bring to boil and reduce to 2 cups.

·         Then add salt according to your taste into this pot of boiling water.

·         Turn heat off and add butter, red chili powder, til, Jeera and the sifted flours.

·         Cover pot and let it stand for about 10-12 mins. Do not stir or do anything.

·         Open the covered pot and mix all the ingredients and form soft dough. Knead the dough for a few minutes.

·         Rub some oil on the inside of the chakli press. Take a ball about the size of a large orange and fill into the chakli press.


·         On a wax paper make round chaklis by pressing out the dough. Form it into round swirls starting from inside going out giving it the chakli shape.(This step requires some practice to get the perfect shape)


·         Heat the oil in a kadai/frying pan. Gently slide the chaklis in hot oil and deep fry until golden brown in color. Drain and let cool.

·         When cooled to room temperature, store in airtight containers.

·         Enjoy Chaklis during Diwali or anytime.



Keep it simple, keep it Sindhi.



Seyal Dabalah – A Simple Sindhi Breakfast

Sindhi Masala Garlic Bread



Thanks to all of you who visited my page and left me some wonderful comments whilst I was gone. It must have been hard for all of you who visit my page regularly to see the same recipe on the page. Finally I am back from my long vacation. I did have a wonderful time in India and as soon as I came back I got busy with back to school for both my kids. Now that they are settled, it’s my turn to settle down to my regular blogging schedule.

It has been really very hard to start back again. All my creative juices are still on vacation. There is absolutely no flow. The grey matter seems to be frozen and I just cannot think what I should put up for the good folks who visit the site. I keep reading the emails and comments over and over again, thinking this would break the logjam in my brain somehow. Maybe I have to do some magic abracadabra, mmm does not work. Well then let me try hocus pocus, still does not work, Ok let me do it in Hindi, Jantar Mantar … , I guess I’ll give up the magic tricks. I will make it easy on me and start with the first meal of the day - A breakfast recipe… Seyal Dabalah.

This is another of my favorite Sindhi recipe. I love this recipe because of the garlic flavor. Traditionally Seyal Dabalah is made for breakfast; sometimes I serve it for lunch. I have received a lot of requests for Seyal Dabalah (commonly known as Yellow Bread). The word Seyal means the food is cooked using very little water or none at all. Dabalah means bread in Sindhi. I make this with slightly dry bread, it stands up better to the cooking process and the water makes it gooey enough to enjoy the taste. Here goes the recipe of Seyal bread.




·         10-12 Bread slices (Preferably day old bread) or any leftover white bread cut into 1′ x 1″ cubes or slices torn into bite size chunks

·         1 medium size Onion chopped finely

·         2 medium Tomatoes chopped 

·         2 -3 Tbsp chopped fresh Coriander leaves

·         1/2 tsp crushed Ginger

·         2 tbsp crushed Garlic

·         1 Green Chili chopped (optional)

·         1 tsp Cumin seeds

·         3/4 tsp red Chili powder

·         1 tbsp Dhania/Coriander powder

·         1/2 tsp Turmeric powder

·         1 tsp Tamarind juice

·         1/2 tsp roasted Kasori Methi powder (optional)

·         1 tsp grated Coconut for garnishing (optional)

·         4 tbsp oil

·         8 tbsp water (approx)

·         salt to taste




·         Heat oil in skillet, add cumin seeds when hot.

·         Add onions. Fry for a couple minutes on medium heat till translucent.

·         Add chopped tomatoes, and fry till tomatoes begin to soften and get pulpy.

·         Next add ginger, garlic, chopped green chili, red chili powder, dhania/coriander powder, turmeric and fry for 1 -2 mins till you get a nice aroma and the oil has begun to separate from the masala.

·         Then add tamarind juice, salt, chopped fresh coriander leaves and water. Stir and mix well. (The water helps combine everything)

·         Lower the heat again and add the cubed bread pieces. Mix gently till all the bread cubes has been coated with the cooked masala.

·         Sprinkle some more water if necessary. This recipe tastes good even if it is gooey.

·         Cover and let the bread take in the flavors on low heat. Stir a couple times…

·         Garnish with kasori methi and grated coconut.



·         Serve hot for breakfast and don’t forget the Sindhi papad.



Keep it simple, keep it Sindhi

Atte Jo Chilro and My First Award


Wheat Flour Savory Pancake









Rotis/Phulkas are the one thing that are eaten at every meal and that’s what I hate to do in summer… to be making rotis/phulkas in my kitchen. Then, should I be eating rice all the time or go without anything? Eating rice is not a part of my craving and the latter part does not suit my fancy … me going hungry, no way… Rotis are my favorite, and I prefer it to rice anytime. In summer the thought of making rotis…unhh unhh, so most of the time this savory pancake makes an appearance at our dinner table …not only it is vegetarian, it is nutritious, healthy and can be whipped up quickly too.

(Atto is a Sindhi word for Atta and Chilro means pancake…Pancakes made with atta). Atte Jo Chilro is like an omelette, made from a batter of atta, onions and some spices. The batter is more like a bhajia (pakora) batter which is spread on a hot tawa, and cooked on both sides. I recall my mother making this for us whenever we returned hungry from school or even for breakfast and sometimes for dinner. Spice it the way you like to suit your taste buds and enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as an evening snack. This is one of my simple and favorite recipe that is like a complete meal when served with chutney/ketchup/yogurt/or even pickle. Don’t forget the Sindhi papad.



·         1 cup Atta

·         1 small Onion(finely chopped)

·         Coriander/Cilantro leaves(finely chopped)

·         1 tsp Cumin seeds  

·         2 Green Chilies(finely chopped)

·         1/2tsp Red chili powder  

·         1/2 tsp of baking soda

·         1/2-3/4 cup of Water

·         Oil for shallow frying Chilro

·         Salt to taste




·         Mix all the ingredients with water except oil, and make batter like we make for fritters/pakoras, making sure there are no lumps. The batter should be as thick as dosa /pancake batter (Add more water if required).

·         Heat a griddle (tawa), and grease it with some oil.

·         Take a ladle full of the batter, and spread it evenly on the heated tawa like a dosa/pancake. Its thickness should be like a pancake (little thicker than dosa).

·         Pour some more oil around the sides and let it cook on medium flame till golden brown.

·         Flip and let it cook and brown on the other side too.

·         Remove from tawa when both sides are crisp and golden brown.

·         Serve hot with ketchup/sauce or yogurt/coriander/mint chutney.

This recipe goes to Padma’s Dosa Corner event.

Keep it simple, keep it Sindhi.



My first awardOne lovely blogaward has been passed onto me from Jyoti of Food Seasons. My sincere thanks to you, Jyoti, this means a lot to me, especially being the first award. Thanks to all the bloggers who encourage and support me with wonderful comments. Also thanks to all my visitors who stop by my blog and dropping me a line or two of encouragement.

Dahee Dabalah Ja Pakora

A version of Sanha Pakora


Fritters made with bread and yogurt


Bread ke bhajiye




Level: Easy
Cooking time: 30mins.


Dahee Dabalah Ja Pakora
Dahee Dabalah Ja Pakora
April showers bring May flowers, that’s what we all say in April. The lawn outside has turned green with all the rain, the weather still remains gloomy and the pollen count… I am not even going to mention that. I have come home from work and had a chat with Alka of My brain just won’t function the way it would when the sun is shining. I just couldn’t think what recipe I should dedicate for her. She likes spicy food, Hmmmm…
A call from my hubby: what’s for dinner?
Answer from me: just simple Bhindi Basar. (Blog coming soon)
Hubby: you mind if I invite somebody.
Answer from me: not a problem.
Phone conversation ended.
Somebody is coming home for dinner. Just a simple meal didn’t sound good to me at all. Now I have 2 issues here, something more for dinner tonight and something spicy for Alka. I have to come up with an idea, I have to, I have to…Come on think I said to myself. Hitting 2 birds with one stone is going to be a difficult task. I hear the sound of thunder and the rain coming down and hitting against the glass window. That’s it, just struck me as lightening, rainy days are pakora days. I could do some kind of pakoras for her this would solve both the issues. I can have the perfect spicy snack that I will be able to blog too. I can serve Phulka/bhaji and some spicy Pakoras with chutney. But what kind should I make? Not the same ones we eat everyday. Now what is there in the refrigerator that I can cook quickly and that too with a twist? Bread,Yogurt that’s what I see, ok done! Decided. Now I have the perfect Sindhi recipe for her. Here it goes; this is especially for you, Alka and for all our visitors.




  • Curds:  3 tbsps
  • Bread:  6-7 slices (Preferably 2-3 days old bread)
  • Besan:  4 heaped tbsps
  • Onions: 2 medium diced
  • Green Chilies:  4-5 thinly chopped/sliced
  • Coriander leaves: 3 tbsp chopped
  • Ginger: 2 slices finely chopped
  • Mint leaves: 6-7 optional
  • Jeera: 1 tsp
  • Haldi powder: ½tsp
  • Red Chilies: ½ tsp
  • Anar Dhana: 1tsp crushed
  • Full Dhania: 1tbsp
  • Soda-bi-carb: ½ tsp
  • Salt to taste & oil for Frying



  • Soak bread with curds, water salt and haldi. Keep aside for 5-10 mins.
  • Chop onions, coriander, ginger and green chilies and mix together.
  • Take besan, crushed anar dhana, full dhania, jeera, soda-bi-carb, red chilies and mix together.
  • Next, mix all the three above steps and make a batter by adding water. Add salt to taste.
  • Fry little dumplings in hot oil till golden brown.
  • Drain on a paper towel.
  • Serve hot with your favorite green chutney, meetha chutney or tomato ketchup or all.
  • Enjoy these tasty soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside pakoras on a RAINY DAY.


Keep it simple, keep it Sindhi…