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Avisha, yes that says it all. I am a Hindu, Sindhi, born and brought up in Mumbai, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India. I graduated from the college of Home Sciences, Nirmala Niketan, where I got my culinary skills/background.

I am happily married to Ashok and live in the U S along with my 2 gems (that’s what I call my kids). Being raised in a metropolitan city when I came toCincinnati , I did not quite get the foodmy taste buds were used to and that’s what got me to use all my culinary talent ,which I have been using since the past many years to create some of the exotic preparations ,the roadside favorites( Mumbai is well known for) as well as the plain and simple meals that I make day to day for my family and my friends.

I had always wanted to start a restaurant of my own and each and every time I went back on doing so as I knew how much time I would be giving for that. Being in business with my husband and a mom of 2 children the restaurant business was always put aside. With my daughter away from home, to college, and my son getting to be on his own I decided that I should now try to get into this blogosphere where I will not only be able to share but will also see how others are using their techniques and to learn something new. I hope to learn a lot from this new venture of mine.

Lastly, I do not have any technical experience, nor any photography skills, but will makeevery attempt to share my experiences/passion about cooking food not only with a sindhi flavor ( I have learnt a lot from my mother, sisters and aunts) and also keeping it simple. I am hoping that you will try out these delicious, mouthwatering recipes and have a great time enjoying them.

I am going to dedicate this blog to my father who is no more in this world, and who always loved Sindhi and all kinds of Indian food.

Keep it simple, keep it Sindhi.

Avisha Gulrajani.

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